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Credit Card functionality within i-expense

Posted on December 26th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Is your company is in process of enabling credit card functionality within Oracle Internet Expense?

If answer is yes

It means, once the credit card functionality is enabled in i-Expense, then its allows users to select open credit card transactions and include them in their expense report. The only pre-requisite for your organization would make an agreement with the credit card company to import an electronic file of credit card transactions that summarizes employees’ expenses for a period. Once the electronic file is imported and validated, employees would be able to see their credit card transactions and then select them for expensing on their expense report.

AMEX (American Express) Corporate card is most popular one normally companies providing there employee who have requirement to frequent travel or other similar requirement.

American Express Corporate Service does provide these services to there corporate customer:

  1. KR/KP-1205 Cardmember Listing Report
  2. KR-1600 Corporate Express Cash Billed Data
  3. KR/KP-1300 Monthly (Cyclic) Aging Analysis
  4. KR/KP-1301 Interim Aging Analysis
  5. KR/KP-1100 Industry Summary
  6. KR-1022 Monthly (Cyclic) Billed Reconciliation Data
  7. KR-1025 Daily Unbilled Reconciliation Data
  8. KR-1072 Line Item Detail
  9. KR-1075 Line Item Detail-Daily Unbilled

Once your company is decided, to go for AMEX Corporate Card, then Finnace IT/ERP team tries to find out the way to do integration within Oracle.From the above mentions list Oracle does only provide the direct integration for Items #7, which is KR-1025 Daily unbilled Reconciliation Data.

Item #8, 9 are treated as level 3 data, and important to know these kinds of data is not currently supported in Oracle.

Level 3 transaction data refers to the detailed transactions that constitute a single transaction line on the credit card statement. For example, a single hotel transaction can contain the detailed transactions of room charge, meals, and room service.

Not only Amexm there are few more for which Oracle does support credit card transactions data file formats in EBS:

  • American Express KR-1025 format (file name is Card Daily Data Feed)
  • Diner’s Club Standard Data File format (file name is TRANS.DAT)
  • Master Card Common Data Format, version 2.0
  • Master Card Common Data Format, version 3.0
  • Visa VCF4 format
  • US Bank Visa format
  • Bank of America Visa TS2 format

arrow next redWhat is offered as a feature in EBS Suite:

  1. Import Credit Card Transactions :As discussed above, if employees in your company use corporate credit cards, you can set up Internet Expenses to enable users to automatically import credit card charges from the card issuer into an expense report. Employees can also categorize each charge as either Business or Personal and, depending on your implementation, place items in dispute.
  2. Flexible Credit Card Payment and Reimbursement Setup: Internet Expenses supports several different scenarios for paying the credit card company and reimbursing employees for corporate credit card charges. You can set up your system to indicate how payment must be remitted to the card issuer. Your choices are:
  • from your organization
  • from the employee
  • from both your organization and the employee

Next will share some setup activity to enable this functionality.

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25 Responses
  1. Many Credit Card Options » Blog Archive » Credit Card functionality within i-expense Says:

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  2. Credit card Understand it Better Says:

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  3. alant Says:

    I’m and ex Oracle employee and I used to use the functionality which worked well. The only snag was the the dump from the credit card company only turned up every 2 weeks and we were supposed to enter expenses at the end of the week, so the credit card expense transactions never turned up in time! Something to think about if you are implementing this functionality

  4. Sanjit Anand Says:

    Thanks Alant,

    I completly agreed on the point you mention, but ultimatly Customer is king, what they want we have to offer them best of the tool.Moreover, I think this is best suited for those business who has T&E is one of major area in there payable, and more over they have to wait for such data to come.I worked with Finacial sector client, couple of entity have used such functionlity and they have enhnaced the payable cycle.

    Any thoughts would be welcome..

  5. Atanu Roy Says:

    Can you please publish the set ups steps to implement Amex credit card

  6. Sanjit Anand Says:

    Atanu , there is one white paper in metalink, that would be good to start with.Meanwhile, I will try to see old backups might have some documents(setups and BR80/100),would try to share you..will keep forwarding to you in a day or two.

  7. MasterCard & iExpense Says:

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  8. Dave Sample Says:

    Some international companies can get billed via the KR-1025 feed in multiple currenices… i.e. some employees in CDN, some in USD. Wondering if anyone knows how Oracle i-Expense handles this case. Can a single deployement of i-Expense handle multipe AMEX bill currencies?

  9. Atanu Roy Says:

    I have just completed implementation of Amex Credit card in I-Expense. If someone has question, I will happy to help

    Atanu Roy

  10. sanjit Says:

    Dave ,

    Idonot have any clue for handling multiple bills in AMEX. My understanding is AMEX will provide you the file in one currency which is defined and agreed. Still You need to check with Oracle and Amex. I worked some long time, back, they clearly mentioned they provide the amount in settled currency.

  11. Atanu Roy Says:

    AMEX file has both transaction currency and functional currency
    If somenone requires file format or have any issue on AMEX Credit Card implementtaion, may write to me at

  12. sanjitanand Says:

    Thanks Atanu, for Confirming the amount avaiablity in both the currency. Meanwhile, If not mind, could you share some thoughts and hurdles you faced while implementation.


  13. sravan Says:

    Thanks Atanu,
    i’m going to implement the AMEX cc with iexpenses in my current project
    i have lot of questions for you
    what is the format of the data file ,how the user import the data file to iexpense ,from where the data file will come and what are validations that needed to be performed??


  14. Don Weber Says:

    G’day, Atanu,

    I was doing some research on Oracle iExpenses and AMEX data feed integration and I saw your comments on the OracleApps Epicenter website.

    My colleagues and I have a few questions, and I hope that you can assist.

    Our questions are the following:

    1. Did your team have to setup a program to receive an AMEX data file on your Server?

    2. Did your team have to write a SQL Data Loader to move data from the AMEX data file into the Oracle iExpenses?

    3. Did your team have to do any additional changes to your Oracle iExpenses workflow or Accounting?

    In closing, I thank you for your time and attention to this email message, and I look forward to your reply.


    Don Weber, Jr.

  15. Don Weber Says:

    Sanjit Anand,

    Any updates on the “Next will share some setup activity to enable this functionality.”

    Thank you.

    Don Weber, Jr.

  16. srini Says:

    Hey Atanu,

    Did you Implement the KR1205( Card Member Listing). If so Please let know and I have couple of questions.


  17. Sanjit Anand Says:


    as mention earlier:
    KR1025 is feed from AMEX of expense charges
    KR1205 –is feed from AMEX of cardholder updates

    As far as my knowledge there is no seeded Oracle Program or interface that takes care of feed update from Amex file in the format 1205 into Oracle. Still advice you to check with Oracle.


  18. kinnu Says:

    Hi ,
    We are also implementing the AMEX credit card transactiosn into iExpense to prepare expense reports automatically. Do you have any prog or code where we can load the data from AMEX file KR1025.dat file into sqlldr and then to upload the data from staging table into Base table. I appreciate your help

  19. Sunil Says:

    We are doing a raw implement. of iexp(11.5.9).

    I am looking for expert advise as to how to segregate different business rules to get aligned with Diff. Expense Templates. The other question that I had is :
    Is it possible to associate an employee with a expense template so that the employee will not be allowed to choose another template.

  20. Rajesh Says:


    I have a question related to AMEX card. our client has a unique requirement. They use 1 AMEX card to book all there corporate travels. The booking is done throught an American Express booking agent. At the end of the week, my client downloads the KR1025 from AMEX site. The booking agent send them a file with details of all the bookings made. They use this booking file to may the transactions in the KR1025 to single users (the people who have travelled). By doing this the users can see only there transactions when they log on to iexpense to submit expenses.

    my question is, i was looking at the AP_CREDIT_CARD_TRXNS_ALL table and there is no such field to do the mapping and also i think oracle looks for 1-1 relationship when it comes to credit cards for employees. does anyone have any idea how i can do this ??

  21. My Says:

    i want to know is there any profile to default project number in internet expenses instead of selecting manually. If any one have any idea please advice.

  22. Sanjit Anand Says:

    just try these two

    1.IEXP: Enable Projects profile option is set to ‘Yes’.
    2.PA: Allow Project Time and Expense Entry profile option is set to ‘Yes’.

    Check the details in user guide


  23. Don Lastine Says:

    Where can I find the table layout for vcf4 files? I’ve Googled for quite a while with no luck.

  24. Krishnan Says:

    Can someone provide me a sample KR1025 file. The one that i have have format issues due to which i am not able to load the data. Please Help.

  25. Dhas Says:

    Can any one mail me the details of accounting entries relating to Credit Card functionality with in iExpenses to my mail id

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