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‘Alternative Payee Name’ Options for Accounts Payable

Thanks to reader Ganesh [1], you pointing [1] this functionality availability in EBS.Last time I observed this lacking functionality [2] while one client migrated from SAP to oracle.

Good news for those having Oracle R12.1.1 , they can utilize this new functionality where a new attribute in the supplier form enabled them link the payee of supplier A to the payee for supplier B(alternate payee). Then after Payable department can enter an invoice you go to the Remit-To columns and set them to the alternate payee.

You need to update the supplier and create a relationship with the alternate supplier in the suppliers form. When new invoices are entered these remit to supplier fields at the invoice header default if just one relationship exists or can be selected from LOV if multiple exist. It appears that if there were multiple relationships this can be changed after validation but prior to accounting.

Check it out for more details at metalink #949183.1

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