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 Oracle Fusion Applications (OFA) is a portfolio of next generation suite of software applications from Oracle Corporation. It is distributed across various product families; including financial management, human capital management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, procurement, governance, and project portfolio management
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Financial Reporting Center (FRC)

Posted on June 24th, 2015 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

Financial Reporting Center (FRC) includes Financial Reporting (adapted from Hyperion Financial Reporting) that allows one to create board room ready balance sheet and profit and loss statements with live drill down to transaction sources with embedded charts and graphs.

FRC enables reporting based on multi-dimensional general ledger balances and hierarchies.

Live reports that are based on real-time data can be analyzed and viewed in multiple output formats, such as HTML, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office products. Cloud Reporting Solutions also includes tools like Account Inspector, Account Monitor, and Smart View Excel plug-in. Account Inspector allows you to perform multi-dimensional analysis and drill down on your financial data.

The good is , users can setup exception based monitoring of certain accounts (actuals and budgets) using Account Monitor and enables real time monitoring of variances.

Key Components

Financial Reporting Center is comprised of numerous components:

  • Financial Reporting: Financial users and analysts access live reports and books or published snapshot reports and books from previously scheduled batches in a variety of formats. Other functionality includes:
    • Refreshing report data using runtime points of view or parameters
    • Drill through capability from parents to other parents
    • Drill down to detail balances, journal lines, and subledger transactions.
  • Oracle Hyperion Smart View, Fusion Edition: Financial analysts view, import, manipulate, distribute, and share data from your Oracle Fusion General Ledger balances in Microsoft Excel.
  • Account Monitor and Account Inspector: Financial analysts monitor and track key account balances in real time at every level of your dimensions and hierarchies. These tools provide multidimensional account analysis and drill down capability.
  • Workspace: Reporting administrators create, open, save, and delete folders and store report objects, reports, and snapshot reports.
  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio: Report authors use an object-oriented graphical report layout with report objects, such as text boxes, grids, images, and charts, to design reports

One of the best parts of reporting is the way that data is summarized with tree-like capability, allowing you to see data at any level of detail and actually seeing the balances.

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