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Sub Ledger Accounting – Technical perspective

Posted on October 7th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

dgreybarrow SLA(Sub Ledger Accounting) -Characteristics

  • All SLA data is stored in SLA and is imported to GL from SLA.
  • A protocol exists to ensure all subledgers are transferring data into SLA consistently
  • Creates the final accounting for Subledger Journal Entries (JEs) and transfers the accounting to GL
  • During reconciliation subledgers to GL, all reconciliation reports point to the SLA tables
  • Concurrent program used to transfer data into SLA and import to GL.
  • SLA Can Fill In Individual Segments or Entire AFF
  • SLA Can Create Multiple Representations of Each Subledger Transactions
  • Stores a complete and balanced Subledger JE in a common model for each “business event” that requires accounting

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Understanding the Oracle Diagnostics

Posted on October 6th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

I have posted a number of previous notes defining and discussing Oracle diagnostics. This tool is enhanced because of new security model.Let’s take a quick look on revisiting this utility.

dgreybarrow Six reason why ‘Everyone like Oracle Diagnostic’

Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics is a framework and a repository of diagnostic tests. These are six top reason why every one liked this product.

  1. This is shipped product within the box
  2. This is FREE …
  3. This utility based out of common known problems
  4. Test Result with corrective actions information
  5. Available for most of the products
  6. You will get enough documentation on metalink.

dgreybarrow Changes in R12.1

  • Diagnostics now have role-based security
  • Customizable security layer implemented using Role- Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • The name got changed to “Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics” from ‘Support Diagnostic Tools”
  • The access is now taken care by Grant via Diagnostics Roles.
  • ‘Application Diagnostics’ responsibility is new Navigational menu.
  • Within new security model Sensitivity Levels is now being introduced which have three value 1,2,3.
  • In other word Sensitivity is basically an attribute of the test that indicates the kind of data it is dealing with.
  • Oracle Diagnostic is now a high performing tool coupled with Multi-threaded execution engine.
  • Oracle Diagnostic have capability to includes Data masking.
  • You can design your Custom roles based out of your business need.
  • Oracle Diagnostic output is tagged with your SR, by passing SR number.

dgreybarrow Diagnostics Architecture

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Oracle Pre-built UPK Content for EBS Financials

Posted on October 5th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

dgreybarrow-2 UPK Pre-built Content

You can take advantage of UPK pre-built content for pre-“go-live” and “post go-live” support training need. Pre Built Content are created by the Applications Development Documentation teams and documenting best practices for system processes within the Oracle applications.

  • You can use this tool to educate your project teams, core user, power user, and process owners before installing an instance of the application.
  • You can utilize while rolling out a new application
  • With this tool you can create system process documentation, user acceptance test scripts, training, and support materials without acquiring any extra skill.
  • You can utilize these for your “pre-go-live” training and “post-go-live” support training need.
  • You can fit this anywhere in you development/deployment methodology
  • With Pre-content you can get some help in project scoping and fit/gap.

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R12 Report Manager goes user-friendly

Posted on October 1st, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

If your business need to drill down the Reporting for your financial report like Balance sheet ,P & L or Cash Flow then you can explore these options in EBS :

  1. Financial Analyzer
  2. Report Manager
  3. Summary Accounts online drill down
  4. Third Party tools like GL WAND where you can run the report or multiple report through Excel and drill down, which will show both sides of the journal.

dgreybarrow-2R12 “Drilldown” Vanilla Functionality

With this feature business user allowed to drill into report values using the Account Analysis and Drilldown feature once the FSG output is generated. This is exactly the same as available from the applications using the Account Inquiry form.

If drilldown from the report is required, the underline template should be drill-enabled while uploading to the server. What you need to do you can use template builder and enable this feature which comes within box.

Those who are still on R11i can achieve drilldown feature only if you having FRM.H plus Patch 5377946. You can find my details under report manager availability section in this pots.

dgreybarrow-2Power of Report Manager

This is Framework in EBS for web based reporting of financial data generated by mostly Financial Statement Generator (FSG). You can submit and publish the following types of reports: FSG Reports, Ad Hoc FSG Reports, Standard Reports, and RX-Only Reports.

Therefore this tool coupled with end user for e-reporting need directly with the self service pages. Additionally report manager can provide you :

  • Reporting need into multiple formats(Excel, PDF, html)
  • You can manage from central secured report repository
  • These are supported based out of MS-Word & MS-Excel based templates, which is one productive office tool used for finance department.
  • You can customize the look and feel of report output
  • Distribution based on expansion values and time frames
  • Facilitates data comparison and trend detection
  • Preview reports prior to mass distribution

Take a note :

  1. Report Manager is the reporting processes and Web ADI is the data loading processes.
  2. Report Manager is included in the ATG R12 Product Family Pack Patch.

dgreybarrow-2Report Manager Architecture

EBS Report Manager

Report Manager have other key components like:

  • FSG Template Editor
  • Repository Management
  • Security Workbench : For both Flex field value as well as user to value security
    • Flex field Value Security
    • Users to Value Security

What can you see from above diagram is reports are published to a file system on the middle tier. Therefore you can choose to make your report available from the personal home page at the same time as you publish the report, or alternatively you can create a form function at a later stage to make the report accessible to users.

You can also apply some control if required When publishing reports by:

  • Use Expansion Values and Time frames to group reports together
  • Use Security to control which users can see a Published Report
  • Select a date and time to make your published Report available for viewing
  • Select Reviewers for the Report

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